Finding celebra-on and solace in the words and enchan-ng power of Shakespeare, Ms. Wolpe explores the courageous, ofen tragic, always fascina-ng history of her troubled family weaving personal photos, video and glorious passages from Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, The Winter’s Tale, Twelfh Night, Richard III and Romeo and Juliet. Similar to a fresh telling of R&J, Ms. Wolpe’s story wreaks havoc on the heart as the catastrophic circumstances of her family history would be too much to bear if not for the libera-on and catharsis that this valiant performer discovers (and the audience shares) in the telling of it…Through the words of Shakespeare, Ms. Wolpe tackles contemporary poli-cal and social issues, offers perspec-ves on the haun-ng influences of war, violence and vic-miza-on.