24-Measure for Measure

By now it comes as no surprise that when this dauntless company sets itself a task, accepts a challenge, it will be equal to the effort. With blithe disregard of barriers – of sex, color, whatever – the Women’s Shakespeare Company just gets on with it. Required only are talent, training, energy and conviction. Staging is creative, ingenious and impeccable…Measure for Measure is a triumphant re-affirmation of the critical success won by this company in the five years since it’s founding, and a gratifying, heart-warming, rewarding experience of theatre. CRITIC’S CHOICE – DRAMALOGUE Among this engaging cast, two performers stand out. As Isabella’s lecherous tormentor Angelo, Lisa Wolpe affords a chilling glimpse of moral decay cloaked in sanctimony – the universal garb of corrupt politicians, past and present.