Visionary theatre artist Lisa Wolpe is perhaps best known as the Producing Artistic Director of the LA Women’s Shakespeare Company, the award-winning company that produces professional produc-ons of Shakespeare’s plays with an all-female, mul-racial ensemble in Southern
California. Oregon Shakespeare, Berkeley Rep, Shakespeare & Company, Arizona Theater Company and many other theatres throughout America have featured Ms. Wolpe’s talents but Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender is a unique, poignant and intense amalgam of all things Wolpe and Shakespeare

Lisa Wolpe is her own woman and joyfully speaks her mind, but her greatest legacy will undoubtedly be her crea-ve vision and determina-on to create a pla_orm and a voice for women, minori-es and now the growing trans community in theatre

Finding celebra-on and solace in the words and enchan-ng power of Shakespeare, Ms. Wolpe explores the courageous, ofen tragic, always fascina-ng history of her troubled family weaving personal photos, video and glorious passages from Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, The Winter’s Tale, Twelfh Night, Richard III and Romeo and Juliet. Similar to a fresh telling of R&J, Ms. Wolpe’s story wreaks havoc on the heart as the catastrophic circumstances of her family history would be too much to bear if not for the libera-on and catharsis that this valiant performer discovers (and the audience shares) in the telling of it…Through the words of Shakespeare, Ms. Wolpe tackles contemporary poli-cal and social issues, offers perspec-ves on the haun-ng influences of war, violence and vic-miza-on.

Wolpe confirms that she is simply one of the best interpreters of the Bard out there!

Wolpe is one of the great stage actors of our generation, who breathes life into Shakespeare’s words as though they were dredged from her own soul.

A masterful performer rending the veil that separates genders, actors, and audience and the present from the past.

Contains some of the best Shakespeare performances I have seen. The play pays homage to her father, telling the man’s story and how he affected her life

unexpectedly gut-wrenching, fascinating, thought-provoking, and in fact transcendent

OTHELLO (1994) Director Lisa Wolpe has led her large cast with a sure hand…Not only does this distinctive version of Othello prove that “a man should be what he seems,” but it also illustrates that a woman can be whatever she wants to be .